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Service Procedure for Data Recovery

1. How May I Help You? (Consultation): In the first process, the client shares issue regarding data lost from his device, asks for charges of data recovery and its time.

For Delete or Format or Overwritten Device Data Recovery Case:

Pen Drive or Memory Card    : Rs.1000/-*  Data Recovery Charges Start

Hard Drive or External HDD   : Rs.1500/-*  Data Recovery Charges Start

For Damage or Not Working Device Data Recovery Case:

Not Detection Hard Disk         : Rs.3500/-*  Data Recovery Charges Start

Not Working Hard Disk           : Rs.6500/-*  Data Recovery Charges Start

For More Damage or Partial Not Working or Not Working Storage Device Data Recovery Case:

In the case of a physically damaged device final data recovery charges and working time, it will be told after the lab diagnosis report but the device testing charges are mandatory and not refundable.


Data Recovery Charge Policy:

There will be no fee for no recovered data but If the customer is not able to confirm their data, furthermore, we reprocess the job again. We have a strict No Recovery - No Charge policy. If we are not able to recover the desired data, there are no recovery charges.


2. Device Submitting: The data recovery process starts once the client submits the drive for data recovery in our center. We fill a form and assign a unique Job Id to the media device and finally submit it for data recovery. The technician notes down essential details of jobs, like device details, data to recover from storage media.


3. Initial Testing through branch office: We test the device online from our lab like sound testing, motor rotation, hard disk detection, hard disk physical testing through images, etc. if there is a deep issue in the device then the device will be sent to the lab process.

  • State of media :

  • Problem Type

  • Possibility of Data Recovery

  • Time estimation


In most physical recovery jobs, your drive is not functional. There may be some random noise coming from your drive. Check out these noise samples here:

  • Clicking Heads Noise

  • Dead Heads Noise

  • Torn Heads Noise

  • Scratch Noise

  • Stuck Motor Noise

If you hear any such sounds from your hard drive, most likely there is some physical issue with your hard drive.

4. Quotation: The data recovery cost quotation will be given to the client through mail or message only.

5. Approval: Now it is time to get data recovery cost approval from the client through mail or message only.

6. Lab Process for Data Recovery: Post-approval from a customer on quotation and time estimate, we finally proceed with data recovery. If the storage media has a logical failure, the technician operates on it in a logical data recovery lab. For physical failures, the storage media requires sending a physical data recovery Lab.

7. Status Reporting to Client: It is to inform the client that the device is under the lab process and we share the data recovery progress report and status.

8. Data Verification by Client: Post successful recovery of data, we share "files and folders list" with the customer. We offer two option to the client for data verification:

  • Either the client can visit the desired data recovery center to verify their data.

  • Or we arrange an Online Remote Data View set up for the client. So that client comfortably verifies their data without visiting Data Recovery Center.


If the customer is not able to verify their data, furthermore, we reprocess the job again. We have a strict No Recovery - No Charge policy. If we are not able to recover the desired data, there are no recovery charges.

9. Payment deposit and Back up device deposit: After data verification, the first client needs to pay the approved amount to our center (cash or online transfer or if the client provides cheque then recovered data will be provided after clearing the cheque) and also needs to bring the new hard drive to provide recovered data.

10. Data Copy Preparation: Now in this process, we copy the recovered data to the client’s new hard drive or backup hard drive. If recovered data is not available in the branch office and stored in Data Recovery Lab then KP Data employee needs to transfer money through online and client’s backup hard drive to Data Recovery Lab. Then KP data employee has to contact Data Recovery Lab to bring back the client’s backup hard drive.

11. Data Delivery to Client: We hand over data to the Client on a backup hard drive or same hard drive which the customer has to provide with data delivery, we thereby come to the end of our data recovery process.

12. Client Feedback: After the delivery of recovered data to the customer, the customer needs to give his feedback for the service he received from us.


13. Data Wiping: Upon realization of data recovery charges (and other charges if any), KP Data Recovery Services wipes the data beyond recovery after 24-48 Hours.

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